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Vitamin D Articles

My One Hour FREE Vitamin D Lecture to Clear Up All Your Confusion on this Vital Nutrient

I summarize the mountain of recent scientific evidence supporting that understanding how to take advantage of vitamin D is one of the most important physical steps you can take in your health.

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Photopharmacology: Using Light for Health (Just Don’t Call Them Tanning Beds)

25 Sep 2017 | 29,161 Views

New research asserts that certain LED lights are better at producing vitamin D in your skin than the sun, but vitamin D production is only one reason why your body needs sunlight. Can exposure to a man-made LED light really be 'more efficient' than natural exposure to the full spectrum of light from the sun?

Successful Vitamin D Project Aims to Change Standard of Care for Pregnant Women Across US

31 Jul 2017 | 136,682 Views

Yes, the bad news is the US ranks worse amongst developed countries - however, following a game-changing, 2-year study, you now have an unprecedented opportunity to change this abysmal track record. Please do not ignore this precious substance.

Vitamin D3 Versus D2

17 Jul 2017 | 52,991 Views

Experts in health and retail sectors are sitting up and taking notice after a new study asserted that current thinking - and governmental recommendations - would be 'revolutionized' regarding vitamin D2 and D3 levels. Once thought to be virtually the same, the study showed one to be twice as effective as the other.

Are Americans Really Getting Too Much Vitamin D? A Critical Look at Recent Media Warnings

03 Jul 2017 | 235,802 Views

And having made this mistake, bureaucrats being bureaucrats, they're unlikely to want to change or say, 'Oops, we made a mistake. Here is the right answer.' It could be 10 years before anybody ever looks at it again - while this flawed math triggers thousands of health issues.

Best and Worst Sunscreens of 2017

07 Jun 2017 | 244,126 Views

You've been told it's the enemy, but recent research actually found nonsmokers who follow conventional guidelines have a life expectancy similar to smokers. Could this be the worst health advice of the past century?

The Greatest Public Health Mistake of the 20th Century

16 May 2017 | 180,938 Views

The recommendation to avoid this may be the greatest public health mistake of the 20th century - allowing 30 people to die for every person it saves. According to authors of a two-decades-long Swedish study, it has a risk factor for death similar to smoking.

Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

26 Apr 2017 | 190,103 Views

The scientific evidence now runs in excess of 34,000 studies and counting, patently disproving this myth. Now a new 25,500-person, 20-year study confirms that it's just as deadly as cigarette smoking, whereas those who defied this urban legend had a lower all-cause mortality risk.

Higher Vitamin D Levels Lower Cancer Risk

10 Apr 2017 | 265,118 Views

In this study funded by the National Institutes of Health, 2,300 women were followed for four years - and the blood test results will make your jaw drop. The best part: You can get one of these vitamins without spending a cent in most cases, so it's inexpensive.

New Approved Cancer Drugs Failing Miserably

01 Mar 2017 | 43,430 Views

Cancer affects millions worldwide every year. Unfortunately, mainstream research has not made significant breakthroughs in treatment for at least a decade. I'll give you two powerful prevention and treatment strategies.

Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says

27 Feb 2017 | 360,492 Views

Don't believe authorities when they say getting a flu shot each year is your best defense against the flu. Depending on your current status, this option could be the real deal if you want to stay well this winter. And in this shocking development, even major medical journals are now confirming this non-traditional news.


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