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NYC Doctor Highlights Importance of Vitamin D Optimization

01 Aug 2020

Research suggests that your risk of developing and dying from COVID-19 virtually disappears when you achieve this minor milestone. It's a simple step that's easy, safe and inexpensive to do. By ignoring this, you could instead face an up to 12 times higher risk of death from COVID-19.

Vitamin D Lowers Foot Pain With Knee Osteoarthritis

31 Jul 2020

Foot pain related to knee osteoarthritis responds to increases in vitamin D levels. Consider using these additional strategies to help control pain and inflammation.

Sunscreen Chemicals Accumulate at High Levels in Your Body

29 Jul 2020

Two studies show that some sunscreen ingredients enter the bloodstream and accumulate, leading health officials to question their safety.

UV Radiation Protects Against Coronavirus

21 Jul 2020

Based on taking measures from over 2,474 counties, together with areas in England and Italy - it actually thins your blood and decreases the risk of blood clotting, inhibiting replication of the virus. Includes a juice and workout you can use to quickly bump up your levels.

42% of All COVID-19 Deaths Occurred in Nursing Homes

10 Jul 2020

An average of 42% of all COVID-19 deaths in the nation have occurred in these living situations, yet these groups only make up 0.62% of the population. Why were these vulnerable individuals placed in such a perilous position that contradicted federal guidelines?

How to Fix the COVID-19 Crisis in 30 Days

09 Jul 2020

Data from 20 European countries found the probability of developing and dying from COVID-19 is negatively correlated with levels of this - which you can resolve in 30 days for just $2, simply by doing this to 'bump it' above the danger zone.

Vitamin D in the Prevention of COVID-19

04 Jul 2020

It's likely the easiest, least expensive and most beneficial strategy anyone can do to minimize their risk of COVID-19. Naturally regulates and suppresses the cytokine inflammatory response. This is critical for COVID-19, as out of control inflammation (cytokine storm) is a primary cause of death.

Low Levels of Vitamins B12 and D Linked to Depression

02 Jul 2020

From dark leafy greens to certain nutrients only found in animal foods, insufficient levels may play a role in depression among children and adolescents.

The Most Important Paper Dr. Mercola Has Ever Written

22 Jun 2020

And over a billion people are lacking, despite the fact optimization is likely the easiest, least expensive and most beneficial strategy anyone can use to minimize their risk of COVID-19. Here's how to measure and bump up your levels before the 'second wave.'

Vitamin D Combats Viral Infections and Boosts Immune System

21 Jun 2020

Although it does not appear to have a direct effect on viruses, it does strengthen your immune function, thus allowing the host body to combat the virus more effectively. It also helps suppress inflammatory processes.