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Many Sunscreens Are Toxic and Only Half as Effective as Claimed

30 May 2018 | 125,656 Views

Buyer be aware. The promises are so outlandish they may as well have been created in fantasyland. And its health effects are worse than using nothing at all. If you're still doing this, you're taking grave risks with almost zero return. Here's what to do instead.

Vitamin D Saves Malnourished Children

14 May 2018 | 12,863 Views

When 100 malnourished children were given high doses of vitamin D, the positive difference compared to children given a placebo was called 'game changing.' For a relatively inexpensive nutrient to transform the lives of children literally dying, does it make sense to keep pushing flu shots and other medication?

Landmark Study Pushes Acceptance of Vitamin D Claim

01 May 2018 | 23,660 Views

A petition has been launched to allow vitamin D supplements to bear a health claim linking them to prevention of premature birth. The evidence is squarely in vitamin D's favor, with rates of premature birth slashed by 60 to 80 percent with optimized levels, but whether the health claim will be pushed through remains to be seen.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Dementia

26 Apr 2018 | 28,609 Views

To stave off cognitive decline and dementia, including Alzheimer's, optimizing your vitamin D level is crucial. This simple step could slash your risk of dementia by upwards of 122 percent, while protecting your health in a myriad of additional ways as well.

Vitamin D Can Significantly Lower Your Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

04 Apr 2018 | 164,888 Views

Influencing virtually every cell in your body, it's critical for your bones, heart and brain health. And according to recent research, it may actually be key to addressing this disturbing syndrome, thought to affect about half of all the women over the age of 50.

Vitamin D Optimization Can Stop Tragic Increase in Preterm Births

28 Mar 2018 | 125,253 Views

Every future mom should check their levels of this, as it can set off a problem that also leads to diabetes, infections and heart disease in your baby. The good news is optimizing your levels can prevent 60 percent of the cases. Don't risk it.

Without Magnesium, Vitamin D Supplementation May Backfire

12 Mar 2018 | 185,501 Views

Are you taking high doses of supplemental vitamin D? If so, and you aren't doing these other two things, the vitamin D may be piling up in your body in its inactive form and not providing the benefits you expect. Not only can't it do its job, it may actually be creating a serious health risk for you.

Vitamin D Insufficiency Linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sports Injuries

05 Feb 2018 | 169,337 Views

And for good reason - 75 percent have insufficient levels of this. But when you boost your levels, it's been found to work wonders in reducing constipation, gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort. Easy, no side effects and inexpensive, try it ASAP.

Are You Ready for the Darkest Day of the Year?

20 Dec 2017 | 165,839 Views

Ample amounts of this easy-to-get nutrient can lock disease and death out of your body. Better than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. The list of diseases it helps prevent is nearly endless - way beyond heart disease, diabetes and tumors. Why do so many doctors miss this?

Photopharmacology: Using Light for Health (Just Don’t Call Them Tanning Beds)

25 Sep 2017 | 37,750 Views

New research asserts that certain LED lights are better at producing vitamin D in your skin than the sun, but vitamin D production is only one reason why your body needs sunlight. Can exposure to a man-made LED light really be 'more efficient' than natural exposure to the full spectrum of light from the sun?