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Sunlight Improves Gut Health

11 Nov 2019

You may be avoiding the sun, but recent data reveal that even short exposure may improve your gut health and reduce symptoms of certain diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis. I'll share ways to enjoy the results of this study.

Research Project Takes Aim at Magnesium Deficiency

23 Sep 2019

Nearly half of Western people don't get enough of this nutrient that's crucial to brain and cardiovascular health, muscle and nerve function, detoxification, mitochondrial function and activation of other nutrients. Even subclinical deficiencies can be deadly, so don't take a chance.

Low vitamin D linked to adolescent behavior problems

05 Sep 2019

Children with low vitamin D levels between the ages of 5 and 12 years are 1.8 times more likely to develop behavior problems in adolescence. Aggression and rule-breaking behaviors were linked to vitamin D deficiency, adding support to the importance of optimizing vitamin D levels to protect mental health throughout life.

Parkinson's patients with low vitamin D more likely to fall

29 Aug 2019

Optimizing vitamin D levels is beneficial for Parkinson's prevention and may help to reduce the incidence of non-motor symptoms, including falls, sleep problems, depression and anxiety. People with Parkinson's are also more likely to have low vitamin D, highlighting the importance of maintaining healthy levels.

Birth rate reaches record low as premature deliveries rise

07 Aug 2019

Recent data reveal the number of new births has been declining over the past 20 years, while the number of preterm births is rising. Some attribute the declining numbers to socioeconomic factors, but it is likely related to multiple factors.

How vitamin D keeps you young and thin

29 Jul 2019

Vitamin D performs a number of vital functions in your body. Optimizing your levels is crucial to good health. Research shows vitamin D is also important to reducing metabolic syndrome and inhibiting DNA damage.

Vitamin D is essential for your heart

22 Jul 2019

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels is crucial to your overall health and longevity. Recent research shows that low levels in infants and children increases the risk for high blood pressure. I'll share optimal levels and how to get there.

Consumer Reports' Recommends Sunscreens That Seep Poison Into Your Bloodstream

22 May 2019

Follow CR's new sunscreen recommendations at your own risk. Your brain, hormones, cells and fertility could pay the price as they’re giving thumbs up to known toxins and health-harming ingredients. Their top picks may be the worst.

Why You Should Embrace Healthful Sun Exposure

05 May 2019

You've been lied to about this, and are probably avoiding it - even though it makes your risk of dropping dead of a heart attack soar. Just 20 minutes can work wonders, opening up your blood vessels and significantly lowering your risk of heart disease.

Sun Avoidance Is a Major Cause of Mortality

29 Apr 2019

It's been called a paradox: Studies show that among women with a tendency to avoid exposing their skin to the sun, their risk of death from any cause doubles, which flies in the face of what many people have been led to believe. In reality, getting regular, moderate amounts of sunlight is good for you for many reasons, including because the sun provides the optimal form of vitamin D, which is crucial for health.