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Vitamin D Articles

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Vitamin D for Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes

21 Aug 2014 | 320,998 Views

Is it really possible that one vitamin can improve both depression and Alzheimer's? Research shows that optimal levels of this nutrient may increase brain chemicals and nerve growth in your brain, and help cells fix damaged neurons.

The Who, Why, and When of Vitamin D Screening

07 Jul 2014 | 247,436 Views

It helps kill cancer cells and it helps shut down its food supply. It helps prevent and treat existing cancers. And one expert believes that as much as 90% of ordinary breast cancer may actually be linked to a deficiency in this stellar nutrient. Make sure you don't run low.

Some of the Most Toxic Sunscreens and Safer Options

04 Jun 2014 | 149,727 Views

The sunscreen you use to protect your skin from the sun could be damaging your health with every application.

The Importance of Vitamin D for Normalizing Your Cholesterol Levels

14 Apr 2014 | 301,888 Views

This simple vitamin can help sweep dangerous plaque from your arteries. And you can get 50 times the study dose without spending a dime. This is one of the best heart disease preventives known, so claim its benefits today.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression, Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Breast Cancer

02 Jan 2014 | 331,681 Views

Breast cancer has been described as a syndrome for this deficiency, much like the common cold or seasonal flu - and 90% of ordinary breast cancer may be related to it. Correcting it is easy, and may slash your risk of dying from a whole slew of cancers...

Vitamin D and K2 Work in Tandem to Slow Arterial Calcification

19 Oct 2013 | 124,501 Views

New research highlights the impressive power of vitamin D and vitamin K2 working together for your heart health.

New Study Finds Sunlight Boosts Nitric Oxide Production

15 Jul 2013 | 232,678 Views

Experts continue to demonize the very thing that could radically slash your risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Yet you're 80 TIMES more likely to have these heart problems if you follow those experts' advice. Is it worth that kind of risk?

Sensible Sun Exposure Can Help Prevent Melanoma, Breast Cancer, and Hundreds of Other Health Problems

01 Jul 2013 | 254,808 Views

How have health authorities managed to turn this into a scapegoat, when it helps defend your body against everything from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, dementia, fractures and infections. Don't be brainwashed by their fear campaign...

Study: Forget a Word? Make a Fist

06 Jun 2013 | 75,885 Views

This simple body-movement trick may boost your ability to recall memories by up to 15 percent! Give it a try the next time you have a brain fart.

Vitamin D Might Be Able to Slash Your Breast Cancer Risk by 90 Percent

12 May 2013 | 332,186 Views

Arguably one of cancer's worst enemies... One study showed an amazing 77% reduction in ALL cancers in 4 years (from a very moderate level) - and it's known to help prevent more than 16 different kinds of cancer. Are you getting enough?


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