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Vitamin D Articles

My One Hour FREE Vitamin D Lecture to Clear Up All Your Confusion on this Vital Nutrient

I summarize the mountain of recent scientific evidence supporting that understanding how to take advantage of vitamin D is one of the most important physical steps you can take in your health.

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Insufficient Sun Exposure Is Declared a Public Health Emergency

05 Dec 2016 | 17,735 Views

Many public health initiatives are aimed at reducing the top 10 leading causes of death in the US. However, you may be overlooking this one small change to your daily activities that may significantly reduce your risk and improve your overall health.

How Sunlight Affects Your Mental Health

01 Dec 2016 | 148,975 Views

And especially this time of year, that finding takes on even more significance. Confirmed by this recent study of healthy young women who actually developed clinically significant depressive symptoms with low levels of this nutrient, it's an important take-home message for anyone feeling blue this time of year or anytime.

Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk

28 Nov 2016 | 28,949 Views

New research shows that vitamin D is even more crucial than first thought. Scientists already knew a 'D' deficiency could trigger macular degeneration, bowel diseases and multiple sclerosis. Findings now suggest it can cut the risk of respiratory illnesses in the elderly and also drastically reduce incidences of both breast and prostate cancers.

Craving Ice? You Could Have an Iron Deficiency

05 Nov 2016 | 25,962 Views

You may have thought craving this wasn’t dangerous, or couldn’t cause problems to your health. However, with increased consumption comes a risk of damage to your teeth and gums. If the underlying problem is not corrected it could also lead to heart failure, and may be linked to a vitamin D deficiency.

Would You Like Some Food With Your Plasticizers?

19 Oct 2016 | 42,828 Views

These chemicals have been linked to reproductive health issues, male feminization, asthma and numerous other health conditions. Research now links them to low vitamin D levels, affecting your bone, brain and heart health. Use these strategies to reduce your exposure.

Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health

15 Oct 2016 | 203,971 Views

It was used in ancient Greece and Arabia to control germs and in the 1950s to treat tuberculosis. How has this gone from the go-to healing power to a classified Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization? Are you ready to see the light? This doctor believes it's time...

Can Your Birth Month Affect How Healthy You Are?

12 Sep 2016 | 46,182 Views

Can a baby's health really depend on the month they're born? Science says 'yes' because babies born in winter get less sunlight, so they have a higher risk of a vitamin D deficiency, meaning a greater chance of learning disabilities and an elevated risk of serious disease when they grow up. No wonder there's a movement to raise the US government's currently low vitamin D recommendation.

The Vitamin Deficiency That Can Cause Migraines

08 Sep 2016 | 91,437 Views

More than a bad headache, pain from migraines can be debilitating and cost $20 billion each year in treatment and lost work. You may experience a difference in your migraines by optimizing this vitamin.

Most Everyone Can Use More Vitamin D

08 Aug 2016 | 46,004 Views

Vitamin D, crucial for chronic disease prevention, is best produced through your skin via sunlight. But in areas such as the U.K. and Scandinavia, sun exposure is hard to come by. British health officials recently recommended vitamin D supplementation of at least 10 micrograms (400 IU) daily, which is still far too low to offer therapeutic benefit to most people.

The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Insulin Resistance

29 Jun 2016 | 261,852 Views

But it does far more than just make your bones thin, brittle, soft and misshapen - it influences virtually every cell in your body - and is linked to heart and brain dysfunction, as well as diabetes.


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