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Vitamin D Articles

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The Real RDA for Vitamin D Is 10 Times Higher Than Currently Recommended

10 May 2015 | 257,583 Views

So-called experts warn against taking too much vitamin D because you don't excrete it in your urine like some other vitamins. Important for helping to protect against and treat cancer and heart disease, your need for vitamin D may be far greater than you've been told.

The Healing Power of Light - Alexander Wunsch

22 Mar 2015 | 306,923 Views

This doctor says yes - in fact, pre-antibiotics, it was used to treat tuberculosis, rickets, and other diseases. Please don't ignore this. If you do, you're almost certain to end up with health problems...

Low Vitamin D in Childhood Linked to Heart Risks Later in Life, and Raises Adults’ Risk of Severe Stroke and Cancer

23 Feb 2015 | 236,094 Views

Compelling evidence in hundreds of epidemiological and 2,500 lab studies suggests that this single vitamin can reduce your risk of death from any cause - reducing heart attacks and stroke, asthma and allergies, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Bolster yourself with it today.

Simple, Inexpensive Remedies for Seasonal Affective Disorder

14 Feb 2015 | 81,631 Views

Millions of Americans get affected by this disorder each winter, but scientists generally recommend this therapy over Prozac or Zoloft, as it has virtually no side effects and is much cheaper than prescription drugs. I wholeheartedly agree.

Do You Need a Vitamin D Supplement to Maintain Ideal Levels?

01 Feb 2015 | 390,215 Views

With technological advancements, we all think we're smarter today. But your grandparents had a massive health advantage by doing this, which slashed their risk of dozens of diseases. Are you making this mistake?

Vitamin D Deficiency Significantly Raises Your Risk of Cancer and All-Cause Mortality

22 Dec 2014 | 266,220 Views

This researcher believes so, and research shows this nutrient is key to cancer recovery as well. Over 800 medical references show how large enough levels of it can help protect against not just breast cancer, but bladder and colorectal cancers, too.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Neurological Diseases; Also Raises Risk of Asthma Attacks, and More...

17 Nov 2014 | 277,418 Views

It's long been considered a hopeless disease with few treatment options, with the typical prescription focusing on highly toxic medications. However, research over the past few years suggests it may be improved by this simple, everyday nutrient.

A Vitamin D Expert’s Take on the Latest Warning to Stay Out of the Sun to Avoid Skin Cancer

16 Nov 2014 | 225,367 Views

You've been told to keep away from it, but this Swedish study which followed nearly 30,000 middle aged women for up to twenty years dug up a different truth: the women who avoided it were twice as likely to die over the course of the study. Here are the facts...

Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Dementia Confirmed

06 Nov 2014 | 326,036 Views

Researchers believe half of the population may be deficient in this vitamin and that's bad news for your brain. It's needed for important brain chemicals, nerve growth, and nursing damaged neurons back to health. Don't put your brain at risk, make sure you get enough.

Vitamin D for Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes

21 Aug 2014 | 356,798 Views

Is it really possible that one vitamin can improve both depression and Alzheimer's? Research shows that optimal levels of this nutrient may increase brain chemicals and nerve growth in your brain, and help cells fix damaged neurons.


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